behold theman ​

Sketch of a cappucino from behold theman.
The interior of behold theman.

Today’s picture was taken again in my favorite café “behold theman” in our Exarchia district. The colorful and alternative café never ceases to amaze me with its unique interior, the wonderful latte art on the cappuccinos and the bright yellow cups that they designed themselves.

I already wrote about the interior and the general vibe of the café in the blog entry from 03/17/23. If you want to know more about it, you should jump back to the entry for last Friday.

The “behold theman” is a coffee shop, a place to work and shop at the same time. In addition to the drinks and small snacks that can be consumed on site, the home-made cups and plates, packaged coffee beans, nut mixes, craft beer and special lemonades are also sold here. A whole wall of the café serves as a sales area. The various goods are offered on the huge shelving system, which is constructed in the same style as the tables in the café. While drinking your coffee here, you can get up at any time and take a closer look at the sales wall. Even though I already have way too many cute little mugs at home in Hamburg, I already know that I can’t leave Athens without buying two of the amazing little pottery cappuccino mugs!

There are many different seating options in the café, most of which are small stools and benches without a backrest, which are set up both outside the café and inside the café. The stools and benches are very comfortable to drink a coffee in the afternoon. If you plan to stay longer or work on your laptop, you should secure one of the three large tables with normal chairs. In addition to the tables, there are also enough sockets, which makes it possible to work comfortably on the laptop. With the very cheap drink prices (2 euros for a cappuccino) you can easily spend a whole afternoon or evening here trying out the drinks menu.

By now, Christoph and I are known to the employees of the café and are always greeted in a particularly friendly manner.

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