Black Salami Microbakery ​

Sketch of a pastrami sandwich from the Black Salami Microbakery.
The interior of the Black Salami Microbakery.

After almost a week here in Greece, where I really like it so far, there was one thing that I was missing more and more: German bread! All over Athens and also right in our neighborhood, there are a lot of bakeries that offer different kinds of bread, which also taste very good. Most of the time, however, it is a very light, somewhat softer yeast dough bread. Super tasty, but after a few days I just felt like eating heavy, crispy sourdough bread again.

After a short research on the internet I found out that fortunately there is a great little bakery right in my neighborhood: The “Black Salami Microbakery”. This bakery seemed to be exactly what I was looking for based on reviews and photos online. Crispy sourdough bread, pizza, freshly made sandwiches and different types of cookies – exactly what I was dreaming about! So Christoph and I walked to the “Black Salami Microbakery” during the lunch break to take a closer look at this bakery. On site, I unfortunately had to realize that there is a reason why the bakery has “Microbakery” in the title: Since the bakery only produces small quantities every day, by lunchtime all the loaves of the day were of course sold out. A pity!

Fortunately, the large display case was still full of all kinds of pizza and sandwiches. There was also a menu with many different sandwich options, which were prepared to order and were therefore particularly fresh. So we ordered two of the huge sandwiches for lunch: the pastrami sandwich, which according to the internet is their signature sandwich, and the brisket sandwich. The (of course) homemade round (flat) breads were lovingly (and very lavishly!) topped. Each sandwich had a sauce and toppings perfectly matching the main ingredient, which of course are all freshly made in the kitchen of the “Black Salami Microbakery”. As a result, the sandwiches were more of a perfectly balanced dish from a restaurant than just a sandwich. So the word “sandwich” doesn’t do justice to this bakery’s amazing dishes.

Anyway, we knew right after our lunch there that we had found our new favorite bakery! It was also clear to me that from now on I would have to get up a little earlier in order to be able to get bread from the “Black Salami Microbakery” in the morning before going to work!

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