Kora Bakery ​

Anyone who read my post about “Black Salami Bakery” a few days ago now knows that I love good bread and baked goods and am therefore always on the lookout for great bakeries. As part of my internet research on special (sourdough) bakeries in Athens, I not only came across the “Black Salami Microbakery”, but also discovered the great “Kora Bakery”.

After seeing photos of the delicious sourdough bread, focaccia and cinnamon rolls online, I had to visit this bakery. Like “Philos Café”, “Kora Bakery” is located in the affluent district of Kolonaki, a half-hour walk from our Airbnb. Christoph and I combined our visit to this bakery with a walk through the city.

Since Athens is very hilly, the walk in the midday sun wasn’t as relaxing as expected, but went up the hill one step after the other. Arrived on the hill, the GPS led us down a very steep road, where the “Kora Bakery” was located. You could probably have planned your walk so that you arrive at the bakery right at the bottom of the street and thus save yourself the many steep stairs up and down again. But because I just blindly followed the navigation app on my smartphone, the navigation system sent us down the smallest (and steepest) streets in Athens. It doesn’t matter – the main thing is that you’ve arrived!

The well-designed facade and the logo of the “Kora Bakery” shone in bright yellow from afar and was definitely an eye-catcher. Fortunately, even though it was noon at this point, the bakery still had a sufficient selection of cakes, bread and baked goods. After the exertion of climbing a thousand stairs on our way there, we stocked up right away. We opted for a crunchy olive sourdough bread, a huge piece of rosemary focaccia, a beautifully shiny cinnamon roll and an Apple-Danish. Packed with bags from the bakery, we made our way back, since the “Kora Bakery” is basically just a bakery with a sales counter and not a café where you could sit down.

During the day, Christoph and I tried our way through the various baked goods and were delighted with our good selection. Although the sweet parts were also delicious, we were particularly impressed by the olive bread and the focaccia. In the next few weeks we will see whether I will take on the strenuous walk to the “Kora Bakery” again in the future.

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