Christoph and I decided to work from Athens for a month because we simply wanted to get to know a city that was completely unknown to us. Since we both work during the week and only have time for big trips and activities on weekends, we wanted to stay in the same city for a full four weeks. So when we don’t have the energy to do something big after a long day at work, we usually just stroll around our neighborhood, get another can of coke at our local kiosk and admire the beautiful and interesting houses in the city.

I always find the balconies the most exciting, because each one is furnished differently. From the objects that can be seen on the balconies, one can also somehow imagine the person the balcony belongs to. On our walk today, I spotted this cute little balcony, which was the only one in the whole house that had a blue-striped awning installed instead of a boring white one. I particularly liked the many small, lovingly planted pots on the balcony. Details like these are often forgotten after a trip and you only remember the really big experiences. In order to avoid forgetting about all the small things about our trip, I try to document such small details of the city in my travel sketchbook and hopefully remember our trip for a long time.

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