Central Market ​

I love markets of all kinds and how beautifully and carefully fruit, vegetables and other foods are set up and presented by the stall holders. One type of market I have mixed feelings about is fish markets. To all Hamburg residents who are now having a little heart attack while reading: I’m not talking about the Hamburg fish market, which is basically a farmer’s market, but rather the real, somewhat coarser fish markets in huge market halls.

I also like to visit this “real” kind of fish market, because I find the variety of beautiful fish and seafood simply impressive! It is unbelievable how beautifully the various fish shine and how carefully they are arranged on the crushed ice on the market stall. I like the individual stalls filled with fish so much that I would like to take a picture of each one. The only thing that prevents me from staying longer at the fish markets is the insane fishy stench, which is unfortunately unavoidable, but is very penetrating in the air of the market hall! That’s why I really enjoy walking quickly across the fish market and admiring all the stalls and types of fish. After that, I’m always happy to be able to leave the market hall again quickly. Nevertheless, I wanted to draw the great fish market in the center of Athens. Due to the hustle and bustle in the narrow streets of the very busy fish market, I had to draw my sketch on the other side of the street opposite the market hall. For the photo, I then walked around the fish market again and took a quick snapshot. If you are in Athens and fancy a lively market feeling, you should definitely visit the central fish market!

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