Illustration Workshops: Visual Thinking 101
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Illustration Workshops: Visual Thinking 101

»A picture says more than a thousand words« might sound like a corny proverb, but instinctively we all know it to be true! Visual thinking is a skill that has become indispensable for any business that expects its employees to be creative or to make complex decisions regarding strategy, operations, or business models.

Visual Thinking can include these topics:

Visualization & Whiteboard Drawing — Nowadays, everyone in a company is expected to chip in and think on their feet: During strategy workshops, whiteboarding sessions, or all-hands meetings you want everyone to be able to express their ideas quickly and precisely. In this workshop, we look at the most common visualizations that are helpful for your business and study how to best create a convincing visual argument on the fly. Your team will walk away knowing the ins and outs of visual storytelling and with a newfound confidence in their visualization skills.

Graphic Recording & Meeting Notes — Have you ever been in one of those situations: Just a few days after a meeting you try to remember what was actually discussed and the decisions that were made, but struggle to remember any of it? This is more common than you think! It’s best to say: Without a record, there was no meeting. In this workshop, I introduce your team to the powers of Graphic Recording and visual note-taking. I’ll show them how to create a record of a meeting that captures what was discussed without being boring and verbose, and enables anyone that missed the meeting to quickly catch up and get the distilled executive summary. After this workshop, your team will have an advanced toolset of visual structures at their disposal and know several ways to markup and hand-letter type that anyone can master.

Teambuilding & Creativity Boost — It doesn’t always have to be strictly business. If you want to give your team an opportunity to come together in a completely different context and discover some new talents, this workshop is for you. In a professionally led session, they can get to know the basics of either pencil drawing or even watercolor painting and start to find their own unique form of expression.

The duration and structure of the workshop can of course be adapted in consultation with you, for example, if you want to set a specific focus.

Illustration Workshops are great for …

  • professional development

  • company events

  • team offsites

Your team can improve their …

  • visual thinking skills

  • storytelling skills

  • note-taking skills

  • sketching skills

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