Illustrated Travel Journal

Since, as an illustrator, I can execute my customers’ projects regardless of location, I have been working from abroad from time to time since March 2023.

Together with my partner Christoph I’ve been working remotely from different cities in Europe for the past months. I regularly document my impressions of the cities we live in in my sketchbook. If you’re interested in sketchbook illustrations, short travel reports and recommendations, you’ve come to the right place!

September 2023

Cocora Valley ​Nature
Saturday, September 30

Before we would finally have to leave Colombia and move on to the next country, there was one place that I really wanted to visit in Colombia. The village of Salento, located at an altitude of 1900 meters in the Colombian Andes. Above all, we wanted to go hiking there and marvel at the beautiful nature surrounding Salento.

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Tatacoa Desert ​Nature
Saturday, September 23

During our vacation in Colombia we first traveled to the North of Colombia, visited many exciting places there and after a few days we set off to the next place on the trip: the city of Neiva, which is located more in the South of Colombia.

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Parque Tayrona ​Nature
Tuesday, September 19

After having spent a few days in the unique hostel “Nuevo Mundo” in Minca, our journey continued and we took the bus an hour further north from Minca. Our next destination was Tayrona National Park and our next hostel was located just a few minutes from the entrance of the National Park.

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Mundo Nuevo
Sunday, September 17

Our home base in Colombia was the city of Medellín, where we lived and worked for four weeks. Although we loved Medellín, we still wanted to see a few more places of Colombia and therefore took a week off work in September to travel. We booked a flight from Medellín to the city of Santa Marta which is located in the north of Colombia.

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