Illustrated Travel Journal

Since, as an illustrator, I can execute my customers’ projects regardless of location, I have been working from abroad from time to time since March 2023.

Together with my partner Christoph I’ve been working remotely from different cities in Europe for the past months. I regularly document my impressions of the cities we live in in my sketchbook. If you’re interested in sketchbook illustrations, short travel reports and recommendations, you’ve come to the right place!

August 2023

Street Signs
Tuesday, August 29

While strolling through the many beautiful streets of downtown Madrid, one detail particularly caught my eye: the many gorgeous street signs in the city.

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Acid ​Food
Saturday, August 26

Another very nice coffee place in the center of Madrid is the “Acid” café. The facade is impossible to miss as the wooden doors and window frames are painted in bright red. A white neon sign hangs in the window with the name of the place: ACID.

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La Mallorquina ​Food
Friday, August 25

While looking for some good pastries in the city of Madrid, we were recommended what is probably Madrid’s most famous pastry shop: “La Mallorquina” in the center of the city. The facade of the pastry shop can be seen from afar as the café has a bright pink logo and pink awnings. Inside, however, the café has a much simpler and more tasteful interior design than the colorful logo outside suggests.

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Adorado ​Coffee
Wednesday, August 23

During our time in Madrid we lived in the “Lavapies” district. The district forms the southeastern part of Madrid’s city center and is known for its diversity of cultures. Lavapie’s narrow streets are home to restaurants from all over the world and some of the best coffee places in the city. One of these coffee/brunch places is the “Adorado”.

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