April 2023 / 7 Entries

Historic Buildings
Friday, May 5

For me, the most impressive thing about Budapest is the great architecture throughout the city. Everywhere you go you will find beautiful buildings. And not just as individual houses, but entire streets full of imposing buildings.

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Hummbusbar ​Food
Thursday, May 4

On my first day in Budapest, when got off the bus from the airport and walked to my apartment in the city, I noticed the many Israeli restaurants everywhere. It wasn’t until the next day that I understood that our apartment was in the Jewish Quarter, just one street away from the largest synagogue in Europe. That explained the amount of Israeli cafés and why their menus sometimes were written entirely in Hebrew.

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Pickles at the Central Market Hall ​Market
Wednesday, May 3

A popular sight of the city is the Great Market Hall (Nagy Vásárcsarnok) in the IX. District. The building consists of a steel structure and is reminiscent of a basilica. The special architecture makes the market hall a real excursion highlight in the city. If you only come here to shop, you will find fresh vegetables, meat and sausages or one or two souvenirs from your holiday in Hungary such as paprika paste, duck liver or Hungarian liqueur.

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Chimney Cake ​Food
Tuesday, May 2

When walking the streets of Budapest, there are mainly two different types of street food stalls that you come across again and again: First there is “Langos” (savory): Fried yeast dough topped with sour cream, garlic oil and grated cheese. The other food you’ll find everywhere is “Chimney Cake” (sweet): Sweet yeast dough wrapped around a tube, baked and rolled in cinnamon and sugar.

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Dohány Street Synagogue ​Historic Site
Sunday, April 30

We are currently spending two weeks in Budapest and our apartment is in the Jewish Quarter. At the heart of the neighborhood is the Dohany Street Synagogue – the largest synagogue in Europe and the second largest in the world.

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