Hummbusbar ​

On my first day in Budapest, when got off the bus from the airport and walked to my apartment in the city, I noticed the many Israeli restaurants everywhere. It wasn’t until the next day that I understood that our apartment was in the Jewish Quarter, just one street away from the largest synagogue in Europe. That explained the amount of Israeli cafés and why their menus sometimes were written entirely in Hebrew.

I was really happy about the many Israeli restaurants, since I’ve been a big fan of hummus, falafel, baba ganoush and co since my trip to Israel a few years ago! On my first walk through our neighborhood, one restaurant caught my eye because of its name “Hummusbar”. Although the design of the menu and logo made it clear that this was a chain restaurant rather than an owner-run restaurant, the dishes on the menu sounded so good that Christoph and I went straight there for dinner. We ordered an eclectic mix of falafel, pita bread, Arabic salads and dips and absolutely loved it! I immediately felt like I was back in Israel. The large portion of hummus was particularly tasty, which simply cannot be found in this quality in Hamburg.

Even though the restaurant itself might not be the cosiest, the food totally won us over. Absolute recommendation for hummus, labneh and baba ganoush!

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