Historic Buildings

For me, the most impressive thing about Budapest is the great architecture throughout the city. Everywhere you go you will find beautiful buildings. And not just as individual houses, but entire streets full of imposing buildings.

In the period between 1850 and the beginning of the 20th century, Budapest experienced an economic boom combined with strong population growth. Due to this combination of circumstances, many so-called “Gründerzeit” districts emerged during this time. Most of the buildings in these neighborhoods are built in the architectural style known as “Historicism”: the detailed facades are decorated with stucco elements, often have bay windows or small balconies. All in all, the houses with the high floors look simply impressive. I particularly like the buildings that were built towards the end of this period and are decorated in the “Art Nouveau” style: Here, organic, rounded shapes were often used and elements in the shapes of leaves, tendrils and stylized plants can be found in the design of the buildings. This makes these houses look dynamic and playful.

Although the facades of some of the buildings are now peeling off – after the collapse of communism, many building owners struggled to raise the funds to maintain and restore their homes – you can still see how majestic the buildings once were.

Due to the large number of particularly beautiful houses, it was also very difficult for me to decide on a building that I would like to draw. The whole center of Budapest is full of streets that, with their impressive buildings, are reminiscent of the prosperous period in which Budapest was one of the most important economic and cultural centers in Europe. At that time, for example, the first subway in Europe was opened here. Also, the Great Market Hall was built, next to which I discovered the amazing buildings I’ve drawn here. After having thought very hard about which building I should include in my sketchbook, I just started to draw one. In the end Ive realized that there are so many impressive buildings here that it really doesn’t matter which one I end up drawing.

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