Barzoletta ​

Although Grottole is quite a small village, there are a few restaurants, cafes and bars here. In our three weeks in Grottole we visited all of them at least once. But our favorite café was the “Barzoletta” – we always drank a good Italian espresso or cappuccino here in the mornings and in the evenings we got a Coke on ice for me and beer for Christoph.

We not only loved the Barzoletta because of the nice people who work there, but also because the bar has an outdoor terrace from which you have the most amazing view of the surrounding nature. Between the actual bar building and the terrace is one of the small thoroughfares of the village and at first it took us a while to understand that the terrace with that beautiful view on the other side of the road also belongs to Barzoletta. You get your drink at the bar in the main building on one side of the street, then cross the street and finally sit down at a table on the large terrace overlooking the beautiful green hills of Basilicata. The terrace has uninterrupted views of the valley and river below. Since a particularly large number of swallows live in Grottole, you can watch the swallows fly from the terrace of the Barzoletta.

We were also impressed by the dramatic orange-pink sunset over the green valley and river. It was even nicer when the bars staff brought us some snacks to our table, as you can see in my sketchbook drawing here!

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