June 2023 / 10 Entries

Monday, July 3

Grottole is located in Southern Italy in the Basilicata region. The village is surrounded by green hills, fields and olive groves. And never in my life have I seen so many fig trees as in Grottole.

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La Piazza
Saturday, July 1

On this sketch you can see a central meeting point in the village of Grottole. The red brick house is the former town hall of the village. The village pharmacy is also located here in the building. The square in front of this striking brick building is an important place to meet up for many villagers.

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Costanza’s Dolci ​Food
Thursday, June 29

One thing that is very important to the “Wonder Grottole” project team is that tourists like us get to know real village life in Grottole and get to know the village community. In addition, you can book so-called “experiences” in the project – activities with individual people from the village. During our three week stay in Grottole we did three great tours: the wine tour with Silvio, the terracotta tour of our village with Rocco and the city tour of Grottole, where Michela told us a lot about the history of the village and about the everyday life of the people in Grottole today .

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Carrefour ​Food
Tuesday, June 27

In addition to Angelo’s vegetable shop and Rosalia’s pop-up vegetable stand in front of her house, the small supermarket in the village was another important shop for us, where we often did our shopping.

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Silvio’s Cantina
Sunday, June 25

In the village of Grottole there are still many caves carved into the rocks. Originally, these caves were the first houses in which people used to live. These caves still exist today, but today they no longer serve as houses, but as a kind of cellar in which food and wine are stored and family celebrations are held.

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