Protest Kitchen ​

If I could simply take one place from Porto with me to Hamburg, it would definitely be the “Protest Kitchen” café. This wonderful restaurant was just a few meters away from our Airbnb and we discovered it because we noticed the yellow-painted facade of the house with the catchy slogan “Average vibe, ordinary food, drinkable coffee”.

“Protest Kitchen” is always open from morning to afternoon and therefore is the perfect place for a delicious breakfast or lunch. Since we had to work normally at our jobs during the day, we went here for lunch every now and then.

The cozy but minimalist furnished café serves very good coffee, incredibly tasty, freshly made lemonades and various dishes that combine European and Middle Eastern cuisine. Here you can find, for example, creamy hummus, the most delicious freshly baked breads such as flatbread and simit rings or various egg dishes, refined with tahin and good olive oil. Christoph’s favorite item on the menu was the caramel-walnut-cinnamon roll: a pastry that was dripping with caramel sauce that it was literally impossible to eat the roll without a knife and fork (and spoon)!

In addition to the good food, we also always felt very welcomed thanks to the super friendly owners of the café. We were warmly welcomed every time and when the owner heard it was our first day in Porto he immediately got a piece of paper and a pen and wrote down his favorite bars, restaurants and cafes in the city for us, which were all really great recommendations! Although by now Christoph and I have now visited so many wonderful cities and have been to many good cafés and restaurants, we still miss the “Protest Kitchen”!

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