Capela Incomum ​

There are countless bars and restaurants in Porto – a very special bar is the “Capela Incomum”. The name translates as “unusual chapel”. The bar was named like that because it is actually located in a small chapel from the 16th century.

Nowadays there is still an altar in the chapel, but otherwise it is now a (wine) bar. Inside the chapel and outside facing the street there are small white tables and chairs where you can relax and enjoy the last rays of sunshine in the evening with a drink in your hand. It is super cosy whether you sit inside and outside. Since there are only a few places available overall, you should definitely make a reservation in advance.

Once you have secured one of the cozy seats, you will find a large selection of wines and port wines in this bar, but non-alcoholic drinks are also on the menu. If you want a great bar in an unusual building, you should definitely stop by here on your next trip to Porto! However, my tip is: stick to the drinks – the food at Capela Incomum sounds delicious, but unfortunately it is quite disappointing.

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