Early Café ​

Luckily, the street where our Airbnb in Porto was located had lots of great coffee places with very good coffee, breakfast and lunch. One of our favorite cafés was “Early”.

Café Early looks quite inconspicuous from the outside. But once you enter this place, you immediately notice the great interior design of the restaurant! There are heavy flower pots with large, green houseplants on the terrazzo tiled floor, simple wooden chairs with black metal frames standing around the black tables, and the walls are covered in dark wooden panels.

While ordering at the counter, you can look into the open kitchen and watch as the kitchen team carefully arranges the ordered dishes on plates. The breakfast there is just like the interior of the café: lovingly prepared, very elegant and somehow minimalist.

We’ve been here a few times for breakfast, lunch or just to have a quick coffee. Every time we felt very comfortable in the beautiful Early Café and would recommend it to anyone who spends some time in Porto!

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