Generosa Pão e Pizza ​

Just a few streets away from our apartment in Porto, there was a small side street that always smelled of freshly baked bread and pizza. At this point in July we hadn’t been to Germany for a few weeks now and so we particularly missed good sourdough bread. After a few days we finally discovered where that great smell of bread came from: a tiny little bakery at the end of the street. In the small shop there was a narrow brick counter with a few sourdough bread loaves and a tray of steaming hot pizza.

We immediately bought one of the lovely loaves of bread and a few slices of sourdough pizza. We tasted both at home straight away and we were thrilled! Since you can often buy very lightly baked yeast bread in Porto, we were really happy about the dark, intensely tasting sourdough bread. The pizza though was the perfect mix of good sourdough bread and aromatic Italian pizza. The bottom was crispy like bread crust, the inside is fluffy like good bread and the top is spread with tomato sauce and topped with mozzarella, just like you would expect from pizza. If you ever go to “Generosa Pão e Pizza”, you should definitely buy pizza AND bread!

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