Ó! Galeria ​

As always, we spent our days in Porto working during the day and walking around the city in the afternoon/evening. A really unique shop that we discovered in Porto is the “Ó! Gallery” – a small art gallery that sells both originals and many high-quality art prints.

As an illustrator, I obviously was excited to have spotted this colorful shop with pictures on the walls and postcards, stickers and art prints! Particularly great at the Ó! Gallery is that you can only find high-quality illustrations from professional illustrators in the area. There were so many illustrations there that we really liked! Christoph and I spent the whole afternoon there, looked at hundreds of prints and illustrations and finally decided on two great, limited edition prints by two different illustrators. Since we knew that we would be traveling the world for a few more months and didn’t want to risk accidentally bending our great prints in our suitcase, the next day we sent the two prints to our friend in Hamburg, who stores our beautiful prints from Porto until we get back to our apartment in our beloved Hamburg.

Even though it will be a while before we get back to Hamburg, we are already looking forward to hanging up the great prints from Porto in our apartment!

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