Arán Bakery ​

As soon as I arrive in a new city, one of the most important things for me in the first few days is to find out where the best bakeries in town are. Since I love good bread and baked goods, I am happy to travel a long way to find a particularly great bakery. Luckily I found out on my first day in Budapest that one of the most acclaimed bakeries in the city was just down the street from our apartment.

So my first goal in the city was clear: pay a visit to the Arán Bakery first! A few minutes later I found myself in front of the charming bakery, which was much smaller than expected, but very nicely designed and furnished. Behind the glass display case filled with beautiful cakes and croissants, high shelves lined up with a wide variety of breads. Everything looked so good that it was difficult to decide. However, after realizing I would be here for another two weeks, I decided to have one of the perfectly formed croissants to eat now and a large, heavy sourdough loaf to take home. Both tasted just as good as it looked and I knew right away that I would probably be a customer here more often in the next two weeks. This bakery is highly recommended for anyone who appreciates high-quality sourdough bread and baked goods! In addition to the baked goods, you can also buy all the well-known coffee specialties – but if you dream of perfect latte art in a cappuccino, this might not be the right spot for you!

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