Gettó Gulyás ​

First time in Hungary – for me that means I have to try Hungarian cuisine! Here in Budapest, a modern European city, you will of course find restaurants from all over the world. Pizza, burgers, gyros or pho are certainly delicious here, but before I eat my way through the city’s international restaurants, I would like to try typical Hungarian dishes first. In our district of Budapest, “Gettó Gulyás” is the first address for this.

Apparently the whole city now knows that the best Hungarian specialties are found here. Accordingly, it is difficult to get a table here spontaneously without a reservation. On our second try we were lucky and were led by the waiter to a small table in the comfortably lit restaurant. The heavy white tablecloths, cloth napkins and decorated porcelain plates the ones you would find at your grandma’s house already indicated that they would serve really good comfort food here. Since we couldn’t decide and were hungry after a long day anyway, we ordered two starters – stuffed pancakes and the obligatory goulash soup – and two main courses recommended by Christoph’s Hungarian work colleagues: two different meat dishes in paprika sauce with egg noodles as a side dish. In addition, of course, we had to order a plate of mixed, pickled vegetables, a very typical side dish here in Hungary. The pickled peppers, pickles, and sauerkraut were the perfect, fresh complement to the rich, very tasty dishes. The food here was not only delicious, but also plated very nicely, so that when I got home I had to document the evening at Gettó Gulyás in my sketchbook.

If you want to try Hungarian cuisine in a cozy atmosphere or just fancy a warm, hearty dinner, Gettó Gulyás is the place for you!

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